Sidekick 2008 goes for $1,000 on eBay just one day before it's $149 in stores

Between 2 thousand dollar PS3s and 30,000 thousand dollar hoverboard props, eBay is no stranger to things selling for absurd prices. However, most things that have any value on eBay are those that are .. you know, hard to find.

Someone probably should have mentioned that to the winner of this Sidekick 2008 auction. Just a day before the new Sidekick was readily available at T-Mobile spots around the nation for $149, the unlucky bidder dropped a hefty $999 down for the handset and four $15 dollar face plates in a limited edition cardboard box.

The worst part? Once processed and shipped, the buyer will probably get their Sidekick after everyone who just went to the store. At least it’ll come in a fancy box, right?