More about Microsoft's mythical Midori OS than you probably need to know

The Software Development Times has run an extremely long and in-depth article on Midori, the post-Windows cloud-computing chupacabra-OS that is supposed to be coming down the line one of these years. From what I understand, it’s still in a completely larval state, although the article talks about it as if its about to be launched next week. It’s to be extremely modular and very connected, using in-betweener apps that store things here and there, locally and in the cloud, and are location- and hardware-aware.

I can’t pretend I understand everything in the article; some of sounds suspiciously like nonsense, like “being architected from the ground up” and “Those topologies form a heterogeneous mesh where capabilities can exist at separate places.” Then again, I’m pretty uninformed about things like stacks and tiers, so it could be they’re just talking at a level that just sounds like gibberish to me, like speaking in tongues. In any case it’s nice to hear about Microsoft, often portrayed as inertial and dinosaur-ish, actually doing new things and looking forward, although who knows how many of these features will make it to the final product.