Karmazin appears to reassure fans during Opie and Anthony

Possibly their worst photo ever, and one that’s several years old

Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius XM Radio, was just on the Opie and Anthony show</a to discuss a few post-merger items. For the most part, it looks as if Opie and Anthony are safe, and that Karmazin wants them to be a part of the new company (i.e., renew their contract). At the same time, Karmazin once again expressed his distaste for sharing satellite radio with terrestrial radio. Reading between the lines, it sounds as if Karmazin doesn't want the show to be on CBS Radio anymore. Hardcore fans, fans who can't stand the watered down CBS portion of the show, will like that news.

Karmazin also said that he didn't know if Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez (another fine radio program heard on XM channel 202, noon to 3pm) alone constitute a channel. So one would think he has some changes in mind as far as that goes. That could mean moving them to a new channel, or bringing additional talent to 202 to flesh out the programming. Jim Brewer would feel right at home, right?

That was pretty much the gist of it. It sounds as if Opie and Anthony are more than welcome on Sirius XM Radio, possibly, maybe having to give up on terrestrial radio in the process.

CBS, you probably already know, has a wonderful, free application for the iPhone on the Apple App Store. Terrestrial radio will have to continue to innovate along those lines if it wants to compete in the current radio climate, where everyone has every song they’d ever want on their iPod or cellphone, or can tune into Internet radio using programs like Pandora. That, and now a combined satellite radio company less concerned with making the other guy look bad, and more concerned with convincing people to leave commercial-laden terrestrial radio once and for all. (Karmazin also expressed his dislike for satellite radio music channels with commercials, so expert moves in that direction, too.)

Interesting times to be a radio fan, to be sure.

Opie and Anthony (Possibly NSFW)