Palm CEO: "Hey, did you see the Centro? Guys? The Centro?"

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Do you have 17 minutes? Do you care about the Palm Centro? Well CNBC has a video for you. Thrill as Palm CEO Ed Colligan can basically say $99 and Centro for over 15 minutes straight while Jim Goldman of TechCheck throws him softballs.

Palm sold 2 million Centros so far. To put that into perspective, Apple sold 4 million iPhones. Nokia sold 2 million phones last night to some guy in the back of a van. RIM can buy and sell Ed Colligan.

Sure, the Centro is a cute phone. It’s got some great features for the price. Sadly, it’s simply keeping Palm on life-support. Like Motorola squeezing out new RAZRs and RAZR-alikes, Palm needs to put up or shut up. The low-end smartphone market will soon be taken over by Android and HTC and then where does that put the Centro?

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