Gazelle: Sell Stuff Without Doing the Craigslist/eBay Dance

CG’s Devin writes:

I doubt you guys have quite the amount of gadget clutter as those of use who accrue them for a living, but if you’ve even got half our volume of old cameras, phones, and devices in general laying around you may find Gazelle’s service helpful. Not everyone has a used computer recycler like RePC in the Northwest. And while GameStop might buy your DS and there’s always Craigslist, it might be nice to have a central location with competitive (and market-generated) pricing for your old gear. It’ll recycle stuff for you as well if it has no market value.

They wouldn’t buy my Trace, and they offered me $74 for my Ocean, which is probably market value although I bet I could get $100 if I tried real hard elsewhere. Selling an old MacBook looked pretty easy, though selling a Thinkpad was kind of a mess of model numbers which would be trouble for a clueless user who found it in their basement. Give it a shot and see if it’s something you’d use.