DataCase iPhone App Video: Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Drive

After two weeks of all the iPhone apps I care to download, I can say this: most of them are useless. I use a few of them daily (Facebook, MySpace, Loopt, Phonesaber) and a few others occasionally (BoxOffice, Pandora, Twitterific). Most, though, sit unused after testing and are far from being “must-have applications.”

DataCase, though, looks to be different. It will turn your iPhone into a wireless drive for file storage, and includes a viewer for most popular file formats (Office, PDF, etc.). The application has been highly anticipated but is yet to launch – the creator says by email that they want it to be perfect before releasing it.

For now we have to settle for the demo video that they just put up on YouTube and is embedded below. DataCase will cost $7 when it does launch, and I expect a lot of people will buy it immediately. This is exactly the kind of utility application that I need. The ability to email out any file on the phone would be a nice feature add, too.