Blippr Is Twitter For Micro-Reviews

If you cannot say something in 160 characters or less, then it is not worth saying (except for anything you read on TechCrunch, of course). That text-message ethos is now moving over to other forms of communication like Twitter (which caps messages at 140 characters). The latest example is Blippr, a site where you can review books, games, music, and movies in SMS-sized bites.

Paring a review down to 160 characters and a rating really forces reviewers to get to the essential appeal or flaw of the work being reviewed. For instance, do you really need to know anything more about Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas than that one reviewer likes it so much, he says: “I think the book is falling apart by now ;)”? Or about Amy Winehouse: “Ummmm NO! She can’t sing.”

The micro-review site will forward your Blipps to Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed (although the fact that it allows 20 characters more than Twitter means that overly-lengthy reviews will be shortened when they are translated into Tweets). In keeping with SMS culture, the four ratings are emoticons: =D, =), =|, or =(.

Like Twitter, you can follow what your friends are Blipping, and update your “media status” of what you are reading, watching, playing, or listening to. Now everyone really can be a critic.

Here are some screenshots of sample Blipps: