New Widgets At Hulu; We Talk To CTO Eric Feng

Hulu, the online video joint venture between NBC and News Corp., launched last October. Today the site has 140 free on-demand movies available to anyone (as long as they are in the U.S.) and 700 total titles (including TV). As of March 2008 they were serving 83 million monthly video streams.

Tonight the site is launching a number of new embeddable widgets that allow third party sites to add Hulu content. We’ve embedded one of the widgets, which let’s users show all episodes of a particular TV show, below (I of course chose the Daily Show).

We also used this announcement as an excuse to interview Hulu CTO Eric Feng, who joined when Hulu acquired his startup Mojiti in 2007. Feng’s team formed the backbone of the Hulu. They started coding in late summer 2007 (Feng says the first line of code was written on August 6) and had the Hulu product out the door by October.

The full interview is below. Feng also demo’s the new widgets near the end.