Techcrunch August Capital Event Wrapup

Thank you to the nearly 1,100 people who flowed through the Quadras Conference Center for our Mobile Web Wars event and the party at August Capital immediately afterwards. We were able to donate $7,500 to Malaria No More, which will protect at least 750 children from Malaria for five years.

This was our third annual party held at August Capital, who continue to graciously co-host the event with us at their offices, which includes a huge outdoor deck. Here are our wrap ups of the 2007 and 2006 parties at the same location. Thanks in particular to David Hornik, who continues to convince his partners that it is a good idea to have a thousand or so over caffeinated, slightly intoxicated entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and press roaming their hallways.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, you can see the official photo stream here and more here and here – some are also included below.

As I said in my brief moment on stage at the event, real world events are a really important part of the Silicon Valley community. We meet and interact with so many people over the Internet and by phone and never have a chance to meet them in person. To have the chance to spend a few minutes talking in person over a beer makes those relationships real. Small, intimate events are always best, but sometimes it’s fun to get a ton of geeky people together, too, and just see what happens.

One thing that really makes the party special: Hugh MacLeod has made a lithograph illustration for each of the three events, and personally signs and numbers each one for attendees. This year’s lithograph is below. Thank you so much for doing these, Hugh. We’ve framed each one and hang them proudly in our office.

There were also 20 product demos around the event. Webware’s Rafe Needleman crowns Plista the most interesting, and we’ll likely see more articles about them soon.

If you’ve written about your experience at the event please leave a link in the comments below and we’ll add it here: Mobile platform tug-of-war, TechCrunch Mobile Web Wars Roundtable, TechCrunch August 2008: Defining a Culture, Techcrunch Party: For the win, At the TechCrunch party, TechCrunch 3rd Summer Meetup, My new white iPhone is now property of TechCrunch (plus this), Post TechCrunch Party!, NYC Crashes Techcrunch Party, TechCrunch August Capital 3, TechCrunched for Time, and TechCrunch August Capital 2008 — serious fun (and more to come).

Thank you to our sponsors, who pay for all the food and drinks and other expenses. We couldn’t do this without you:

Affinity Circles is the leading provider of exclusive social networks for established, professional organizations seeking to promote career advancement opportunities among their members.

Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the power of books: making, reading, sharing, and selling them.

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Future Works and the Future Works Studios are joining us as the official August Capital media sponsor. Thanks guys!

Helpstream is a brand new customer service application built for the Web using innovative SaaS technology to provide engaging service-driven communities for organizations who are dedicated to exceptional customer support.

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