Mobile Web Wars Starts In Two Hours

If you want to know where the mobile Web is going, join us here at TechCrunch at 3PM PT for the live video stream of our Mobile Web Wars Roundtable The mobile Web is finally here and developers have to choose what platform they want to bet on. Do they go with Apple’s beautiful walled garden, wait for more open Android pastures to arrive, or do they hope that Nokia figures out how to update Symbian into something that can compete with the newer platforms?

Right now, the iPhone has the momentum and the apps. Will Apple repeat the mistakes it made in the PC era and keep its platform so tightly controlled that it will leave an opening for a more open platform to become the Windows of the mobile world. And what platform has the chops to lay claim to that title? A lot of people are hoping that will be Android, despite a lack of phones and grumbling among developers that it is not ready yet. How long does Android have to get its act together?

We have a great panel to help answer these questions (and ask better ones). You can watch it live here on TechCrunch and ask your own questions. Twitter them in to MobileWars.

Here’s who will be there:

David Rivas, Nokia, Vice President of Technology Management for S60 Software
Walt Doyle, CEO Ulocate
Tom Conrad, CTO Pandora
Greg Yardley, CEO of Pinch Media CEO
Bart Decrem, CEO of Tapulous
David Hornik, partner, August Capital
Jed Stremel, Director of Mobile at Facebook (replacing Joe Hewitt)
Guy Ben-Artzi, Founder of Real Dice and CEO of Mytopia
Jason Devitt, CEO of Skydeck
Gannon Hall, CMO of Kyte
Sam Altman, CEO of Loopt
Marc Davis, chief scientists of Yahoo’s mobile group
Omar Hamoui, CEO of AdMob
Richard Wong, partner at Accel
Andreas Weigend, people & data (former chief scientist, Amazon)
Tatsuki Tomita, SVP of Consumer Product, Opera
Mike Rowehl, chief architect, SkyFire
Mary Ann Cotter, CEO, Cooking Capsules
John Faith , GM and VP of Mobile for MySpace