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Today, tomorrow and over the second and third weeks of August, TCUK will be on a summer break. Posts will be light to non-existent during those periods. Normal service will resume from September. Have a good summer everyone!

  • Robleh

    Why not syndicate stuff from other UK tech bloggers? You choose them to control the quality & the ones who were picked would do it for the traffic alone.

    Here’s my application:

  • Ivan Trajkovic

    Good point there, but I am very doubtful it could happen here. Still, you can do so at

  • George Black

    Have a good break Mike! I’d like to catch up with you when you get back.

  • Mike Butcher

    Ivan Trajkovic – You’re very doubtful are you? Here’s a little tip. I have something up my sleeve for that period. Watch and learn.

  • Johnyzar

    Enjoy your summer vacations Mike! You know where is the right place right??

  • Ivan Trajkovic

    Mike – I’d love to see what you have planned. I do come to TechCrunch to learn something, that’s the reason I pay it a visit every day! What can I say but – great work!

  • David K


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