In-game antipiracy measures for Dragon Quest V on DS

Having some trouble with your copy of Dragon Quest V? Having trouble landing a certain boat, in particular? That may be because you’re a dirty, dirty pirate and Square-Enix knows it. They programmed a glitch into the game wherein a cutscene will never end if you’re using a pirated version of the game — though they don’t say how they know it’s pirated. Of course, workarounds and patches are already finding their way to the net so in the end it has only been partially successful.

To be honest, this seems like pretty good copy protection. It doesn’t affect users who bought the game, and it’s not malicious or limiting in any way. It probably also prevents the game from being sold at the street markets of the world as well. Although copy protection is, in the end, almost certain to be cracked, a minor obstacle like this would probably convince most casual pirates to either give up or cough up.