Chad Dickerson To Leave Yahoo For Etsy

Chad Dickerson, a long time Yahoo exec and the head of their Brickhouse special projects group, is leaving the company to become the CTO of Etsy, a a website that allows users to buy and sell handmade items. Mike Folgner, the former GM of Yahoo Video, will take Dickerson’s place at the head of Brickhouse.

We first covered Brooklyn-based Etsy, which has a cult-like following, back in 2005. Since then the company has raised over $30 million in venture capital. The most recent Comscore stats show nearly 2 million monthly visitors and 83 million page views worldwide.

This is a blow to Yahoo on par with the loss of Bradley Horowitz, Dickerson’s former boss, earlier this year. Dickerson ran Yahoo’s developer platform and oversaw their various internal and external Hack Days.

Dickerson joins the ranks of departed Yahoo execs, which gets larger every week. He wrote a long post on his personal blog about his reasons for leaving, but he doesn’t say the one thing that is on every Yahoo’ers mind: they crave leadership, and they aren’t getting it.