Netbook margins so low, some PC makers not even going to bother


All these small form factor laptops? Turns out they’re not too great for the companies making them.

Companies like Asus with its EeePC and Acer with its Everex (and Dell’s future netbook) are now finding out just how little they actually make by selling the small laptops. Margins are so thin on these devices that other traditional PC maunfacturers have decided to sit out on the sidelines of this trends. Fujitsu, for example, says that even if it entered the netbook market and did well for itself, it simply doesn’t add up, profit-wise. So why bother designing something if you can’t profit from it?

In other words, since no real money is at stake, don’t expect netbooks to “take off” any time soon. Besides, is a MacBook really so big that you can’t carry it on an airplane or to the café?