Justin.TV Reaches 1 Million Users


Justin.tv, one of the first live video streaming sites, has announced its 1 millionth registered user since its launch in March 2007.

Justin.tv has a number competitors, namely Stickam, Mogulus, and Ustream.tv, but has managed to keep a strong presence in the space (maintaining attention along the way with a number of media stunts). We’ve analyzed the competition several times.

In March we took a look at Justin.tv’s growth through its first year of operation. In that post, we included user and data statistics until that point, and we’ve included a similar set today:

1,721,868 friendships made
90,690 channels created
522,794 favorited channels
95,253 video highlights saved
29,167 playlists generated
24,478 events broadcasted
61,562 video clips uploaded to youtube
62,278 twitter messages sent
16,294 myspace bulletins sent
119 years of video broadcasted & archived

Justin.tv has seen explosive growth since March, gaining 650,000 new users and the equivalent of 62 more years of video to be exact. Below is a chart that represents their growth in weekly new registered users for the past year.