The new Batsuit in The Dark Knight has plenty of tech beneath it


DarkKnightGear continues with a deep, almost philosophical look at the tech behind the new Batsuit that has Batfans-a-talking. (God, could I sound anymore like Variety?) Christopher Nolan, the film’s director, told the Los Angeles Times that it doesn’t make any sense for a superhero to be running around in a heavy, non-breathing latex that restricts one’s movements. This time around Christian Bale is wearing a suit that’s not unlike something you’d find at a motocross rally. (That was the design’s inspiration.)

The new design was intended to make it easier for Bale to jump around and so forth without breaking a hip. In Batman Begins, Bale said that old style suit made it hard to so much as turn his neck, and that getting into his brooding character wasn’t too hard when you consider what a pain in the ass it was to move about in it.

And yes, I’m still waiting for a decent CAM to be released. The TRADINGSTANDARDS one looks horrendous.