An affordable electric car coming soon

Get ready for the return of the electric car. Philadelphia steel wholesaler Barry D. Bernsten has created BG Automotive Group with the purpose of bringing an affordable electric car to market. The first roll out will occur later this year in October and the new company hopes to hit sales marks of 4,000 cars.

More of an introduction to the concept and the company, the cars will be marketed as ‘neighborhood’ vehicles reaching a top speed of 25mph. The first generation of these next generation electric cars will be on sale for about $16,000. Batteries can be selected across the entire range of technologies: lead-sulfate, lead-silicon, nickel hydride, lithium ion.

But wait. That’s just for now.

Not content to remain – in essence – a golf-cart manufacturer, BG Automotive has plans to roll out highway-ready cars in 2009. And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do it, as fast electric vehicles are nothing new. The technology is there. In fact, by releasing the car, BG will beat by one year the Mitsubishi i MiEV arrival to North American shores.