USB Fidgets are finally here


Yes! Finally! USB Fidgets from Brando! There are three of them: golf, soccer, and basketball. They’re each only $14.00, too. What a deal!

According to Brando…

“Here comes another fun game you can play if you are bored at office work! The aim of the game is to hit the basketball quickly to avoid it hits the top side of the screen. Once you click the ball, it bounces back to the other side on the fly. Play now to challenge your speed!”

To be completely honest, I have no idea what’s going on here. There’s a video on the product page which almost seems to make things worse. From what I gather, I think – I think – that there’s a ball that bounces around the various edges of your desktop and you’re supposed to press the little USB button before the ball hits a certain edge of your screen. For instance, the basketball Fidget’s danger zone is the top edge, the golf Fidget’s is the right edge, and the soccer Fidget’s, like the basketball Fidget’s, is also the top edge. Makes perfect sense, right?

Brando pitches the Fidgets as a good way to stop “gigging your leg,” tapping your pen, and/or stop smoking. I’ve actually never wanted a cigarette worse than I do right now, though.

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