Now you can stop using that real croissant for a wrist rest

Finally I can stop using my breakfast as a wrist rest. After years of working at the computer, I have found the only proper wrist rest that can be used comes in croissant form. The crescent shape forms a comfortable half circle, which allows for perfect wrist-resting convenience. I’ve learned to live with the soggy remains as my croissant decays throughout the day. When the thing falls apart, I know I’ve put in a quality day.

After so many breakfast rolls missed all in the name of comfort, I now know a better option exists. The Croissant Wrist Rest from Brando is the perfect solution for me. Alas, but what shall I do about the comforting bread-smell that I have been so accustomed to throughout the day? What’s that Brando? It comes with bread-smell? It seems I can finally have my croissant and eat it too.