Mini Review: ‘Aurora Feint’ for iPhone/iPod Touch

We got a request in last night from one of our readers to try out the free “Aurora Feint” game, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the new iTunes App Store. Hey, guess what? It’s an awesome game. It’s kind of like “Columns” meets your favorite RPG. Since I’ve only ever been hooked on “Everquest,” let’s say it’s like Columns meets Everquest. It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch with the new 2.0 software loaded onto it, you should give Aurora Feint a try.

It’s free, after all. Watch the above video for some gameplay footage. The game makes use of the accelerometer and two-fingered scrolling and gets to be quite hard to put down after you get into it.

Direct link to Aurora Feint in iTunes

Aurora Feint website