Is This The Future Of Search?

The video above shows a user interface being bucket tested by Google to select (probably randomly determined) users. Earlier today we showed a screen shot of the interface and a video of the search history, recorded by Adrian Pike, the CTO of startup Tatango. This new video, however (also recorded by Pike), shows the full Google search experience with a very Digg-like interface. Users vote search results up or down – a down vote makes it dissapear with a “poof,” an up vote moves the result to the first page.

Google is also testing comments, with linked user names, and others can vote those comments up and down. In effect, this bucket test shows a Google that combines their search algorithm with every important feature of Digg. It’s something they’ve been working on for nearly a year in various iterations, but this is the first time we’ve seen user comments, and the video shows details that you just can’t experience via screen shots.

If feedback on this is positive look for it to be added to the Google Search experimental site where anyone can opt in to use it. It’s still many steps away from being integrated into everyday search on Google, but this shows quite clearly where their head is atDigg.