Google Continues To Test A Search Interface That Looks More Like Digg Every Day

A couple of days ago we posted screen shots of a new search interface being bucket tested by Google that lets users vote up or down on search results. The resulting interface was very Digg-like, and included a total vote count, etc.

Today Adrian Pike, the CTO of startup Tatango, noticed that the interface changed yet again and now includes user comments. Like Digg, each comment has an up or down vote feature as well, and Google is using thumbs up and down icons that are exactly the same as those on Digg. The comments show the username of the person leaving it, and clicking on it shows their Google account profile.

Also, Google shows the total number of votes both up and down on each result. If you hit the X down vote button, the result is immediately pulled off the screen.

He sent in the screen shot above as well as two videos. We’re working on the videos and will post them shortly.

Update: First Video, where Pike’s access to the new search features was temporarily disabled. The new interface subsequently came back up, we are still uploading that video:

Update 2: The second video is here.