Tap Tap Revenge For iPhone Launches Late, Surges Up App Store Rankings

Tap Tap Revenge, a Guitar Hero-like game for the iPhone where the user taps colored dots in time with the beat of a song, is surging up the iPhone App Store rankings despite having launched a few days after most of the original apps.

The game, which was released by new startup Tapulous, is currently number 7 on the list of top free applications overall (ahead of AOL Radio and MySpace Mobile) and number 1 on the top games list.

And there’s a good reason for the surge – the game is a ton of fun, particularly the two player version with both users playing simultaneously, head to head, on the same iPhone.

The game was originally created by Nate True for hacked iPhones. Tapulous bought the game from True and added a number of features, like the two player mode.

Tapulous, which hired a team of “all-star” developers to create applications, raised $1.8 million in capital from a number of high profile angel investors. The company has another six applications coming soon.