Live: 2K briefing

This isn’t a press conference, but I’m hearing about a whole new slew of games from 2K. I missed the beginning of the Bioshock demo, but it looks like there will be DLC very soon. Challenge rooms are the hot new item where you can solve a series of puzzles to unlock trophies. The demo I saw required the player to help a little sister get off of a ferris wheel using telekinesis and electro shock volts or whatever they’re called. There will be puzzles and a wide variety of gameplay we’re used to in Bioshock. Photos or taping aren’t allowed.

Upcoming co-op game with up to four players. The Borderlands is the lawless outlands of space. One certain section of the demo I just saw looked like Halo. You just walk around and shoot “Scags” and collect items from these spacey looking treasure chests. Kinda meh so far. This is actually kind of cool. Your player retains all weapons and skills built up even when you jump from one co-op game to another. They’re geeking out over the weapons. Shotgun dismembers enemies and spews body parts everywhere. Kind of cool.

2K Sports coming up

New fighting engine. “It’s fun!” Demo coming in a couple weeks. “It’s really fun!” Wiimote is your hockey stick. Duh. Wiimote and nunchuck are used when fighting and driving the Zamboni. Use the pointer to select which player you pass to and you can link passes in advance, which is exclusive to the Wii.

I like hockey but I’ve never been into hockey video games. What about you guys?

Xbox 360
September 2008 launch.

I reviewed NCAA 2K8 a while back and it’s fun, so I’m looking forward to NBA 2K9. They’re showing a trailer right now. October 2008 launch. I wonder if 2K Sports can compete with EA’s NBA title? Dynamic DNA is a pretty rad feature. It’s 80 percent done.

Haven’t had time to recharge from the Nintendo press conference, so I may be signing off a little prematurely. I’ll update this post when I have time to recharge.

I guess that’s it.