Alex Albrecht Tanks and Spanks Bosses in Project Lore

Alex Albrecht, co-host of DiggNation and The Totally Rad Show, has launched his new project Project Lore. The core of the project is a web series, featuring Albrecht and his friends playing World of Warcraft. In typical Albrecht fashion, they will be sitting around drinking beer, while playing and World of Warcraft and simultaneously trash talking their digital counterparts. The show will be distributed across ZAM Network’s WoW sites; a network that attracts 17 million users per month.

Project Lore is produced by DECA, a digital entertainment studio that has produced some major web-specific programs like Boing Boing TV, Dog & Pony, BushLeague.TV and CoolMom. DECA is a direct competitor to Revision3, the company that produces Albrecht’s other shows DiggNation and Totally Rad Show.

Each weekly episode of Project Lore will feature a new level of gameplay (or instance, in WoW-talk), and will be broken up into sub-episodes for each boss (bad guy) in that level. In addition to the show, there will be accompanying game guides, blogs, and news. The game guides feature boss lists, maps, lore and secret tactics from user submissions.

Alex Albrecht (Dr. Dark) is joined by three friends, Joshua Brentano (LyleLovett), Jerry Trainor (Goggins), and Zand Broumand (Dorkins), in the studio. They are accompanied by another friend Brandon Sato (Juggynaut) through a speaker box they call the “JuggyBox.” You may know Joshua Brentano from G4, where he is the supervising producer of Attack of the Show, or Jerry Trainor from the Nickelodeon show iCarly, where he plays the main character’s older brother Spencer.

The show obviously appeals to hardcore gamers, but its humor and tactical breakdowns may appeal to a much wider audience of freshman WoW players.