Microsoft Acquires Data Optimization Provider Zoomix

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Zoomix, an Isreali-based company that provides a data optimization and acceleration layer for storage engines, has confirmed today that they have been acquired by Microsoft for an undisclosed amount. The primary product from Zoomix is the Accelerator, a data server that normalizes, links and synchronizes data without requiring user specification or input. It learns from your data sets and associates objects and records that may be related, so its primary goal is to not only clean up data but to automate the mundane tasks that often fall onto DBMs or BA’s.

Microsoft will integrate the tech and R&D team at Zoomix into their existing data team in Israel. Microsoft plan on integrating the technology from Zoomix Accelerator into SQL Server as part of a broader strategy in developing SQL Server into more than just an RDBM but rather a complete data storage and management platform. Microsoft recently confirmed that SQL Server 2008 will be released to manufacturing in August, after being available in release candidate status since January.

SQL Server 2008 integrates the new Always On technology, a clustering and failover technology aimed to increase the reliability of SQL Server and increase its penetration potential within medium and higher end enterprise customers. SQL Server now also supports multiple new data types at both the storage level (with binary BLOB’s) and higher structure level (XML sets and particular data types such as email, calendar entries, and more). The new features of SQL Server 2008, along with incorporated technologies such as those from Zoomix, are forming the foundations of a solid set of data products from Microsoft.

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