LED emoticon for cars threatens evolution's greatest success: The middle finger

LED Driving Emoticon

You know when you pull up to a 4-way stop sign at the same time as three other cars? The driver of one car waves along the driver of another while the two other cars start inching forward. After some combination of car-lurching and arm-waving everybody gets through the intersection on their merry way. Usually.

Occasional fender benders are inevitable as are the close calls. For the latter, one quick simple gesture sums up the entire experience for all involved: Flippin’ the bird.

Eons of evolution have provided us with the perfect protuberance for effective inter-car communication. However, when the ‘thanks’ wave or middle finger is simply not enough you can now trigger an LED emoticon to express your feelings. Of the five display messages – smiling face, winking face, “Thanks”, “Back Off” and “Sorry” – there doesn’t seem to be one that so succinctly and perfectly expresses the impact of one lone finger. Of course, if you use this thing the chances of being on the receiving end of said finger will be greatly increased. Use at your own risk.