Google Now Displaying Code Search Results

Starting today Google has integrated results from Code Search as snippets in the main search results page. Code Search was launched by Google in October of 2005 as a seperate vertical search property. As the name suggests, Code Search indexes and parses source code on the web and provides users a simple but flexible search and repository browsing interface.

For a Google property such as Code Search, integration into the main large-scale traffic flow via the primary search results page is an indicator of product maturity. Previously seperate properties such as Finance and Maps followed a similar development and audience exposure path.

Users of Code Search are able to locate reference implementations of common algorithms or routines, or search for best or worst practices amongst the code published and available. and queries filter based on license, language, package and more. Code Search competes with both Krugle and Koders, startups that were both founded prior to the launch of the Google code search service but that both provide their own unique features respectively.


Last week Google announced a number of improvements to Code Search, namely improved code highlighting, browsing (especially with larger projects) and ability to refine results based on class, project, file etc.