The new iPhone 3G dock & you


Did you wake up this fine Sunday morning and say to yourself, “You know, I need an terribly thorough look at the new dock for the iPhone 3G”? What luck, then, for iLounge has put together such hands-on.

First, the bad: the dock for the iPhone 3G isn’t included with the phone itself. The privilege of snapping your phone into tiny stand now costs $29. It’s also not a universal dock, meaning that it only works with the iPhone 3G.

dock3g2 1

Other than those issues, if you can call them that, it’s the same dock you’ve become familiar with since your first iPod. It charges your phone like the dickens, and it has a proper audio-out jack.

For those of you prone to complain, how else do you expect Apple to lower the price of the iPhone without cutting out a few extras?