Original flavor Eee PC for ¥100, no gaijin please

If you’re in Japan and don’t have the scrilla to lay out for an Eee (really though, is it that much?), head over to a Kojima store and pick yourself up one for ¥100, and get a free 3G USB modem. That’s about 75 cents to us Americans. What’s the catch, apart from it only being available in Japan?

Well, first of all it’s the original, 7-inch, 4GB Eee — not exactly a powerhouse, but even the new ones aren’t taking it to the limit are they? Secondly (this is the actual catch), you have to sign up for their service to make that modem go. It’s not really that expensive ($30-60, depending), but unless you know you’re going to use the hell out of it, you might as well just go get an “unlocked” Eee for a song on eBay.