Nielsen: iPhone In Fourth Place Among Smartphones, First In Customer Satisfaction (Not For Long)

Nielsen Online is publishing stats about the mobile industry in general and the iPhone in particular today. They note that Apple still trails HTC, RIM and Palm in the smartphone market (that’s likely to change rather suddenly over the next few months), but leads the pack when it comes to user satisfaction (they clearly didn’t poll users today).

2/3 of the 2.3 million US iPhone users are men, say Nielsen. 55% are under 35, whereas only 34% of all mobile users are under that age. Most iPhone users make over $75k per year. Most iPhones are also used with email, wifi and as a MP3 player, too. Basically, the typical iPhone user is a young, wealthy, male tech geek type.

More stats below.

What’s in store for the iPhone 3G?
– Nielsen Mobile reports that 3G networks can improve data transfer rates by about six times over 2G and 2.5G networks, on average
– Although some consumers may be frustrated at the mandatory in-store activation of the new iPhone, just 15% of current iPhone owners say they bought their phone online, compared to 68% who said they bought theirs in a store.
– 30% of smartphone users are likely to upgrade their device in the coming year

How many iPhones are already out there?
– Nielsen Mobile estimates that there are 2.3 million US mobile subscribers using an iPhone
– The iPhone accounts for 1% of all embedded mobile phone users in the US

How is the iPhone faring?
– HTC (25.2%), Research in Motion (23.4%), and Palm (19.3%) continue to lead the smartphone industry in market share, with Apple (11.6%) trailing in fourth place.
– Apple iPhone users report the highest overall satisfaction scores among major smartphone manufacturers
– 8% of recently acquired devices by AT&T subscribers were Apple iPhones

Who is using the iPhone already?
– Two-thirds (67%) of US iPhone users are male (compared to 48% of all mobile subscribers)
– 55% of iPhone owners are under the age of 35 (compared to 34% of all mobile subscribers)
– iPhone users tend to be more affluent with 63% earning above $75k (compared to 38% of all mobile subscribers)
– 24% of iPhone owners are Hispanic
– 9.7% of streaming video users and 4.9% of mobile internet users own an iPhone

What features do they use?
– 75% use the phones MP3 player
– 68% use the Wi-Fi functionality of the phone
– 76% send e-mail over their phone

How do iPhone users consume mobile media differently?
– 37% of iPhone users watch video on their phone (making them 10 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)
– 82% access the internet over their phone (making them 5 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)
– 17% stream music over their phone (making them 7 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)
– 20% play online games on their phone (making them 9 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)

Business or Pleasure?
– 15% say their company foots the bill
– 24% say they use their phone for business, but pay the bill themselves
– 61% say they are a personal user