WordPress and TypePad Spawn Mobile Blogging


Forgive us while we navel-gaze for a minute, but we were particularly pleased to learn that a mobile app for WordPress will debut in the iPhone store soon. The app will work with both WordPress.com blogs and on-premise installations of version 2.5.1 and newer. Its announcement comes just over a month after competitor TypePad showcased its iPhone app onstage at the WWDC keynote (you can download it here).

Blogging through Safari is practically impossible on the iPhone due to the excessive real estate taken up by the keyboard. As the demo below shows, native apps have the potential to make the whole ordeal much more manageable, and they could spawn a new trend of bloggers who post while on the road.

Publishers will now have the option to expound on their thoughts while on scene. Before they often resorted to summarizing them in 140-character tweets, or broadcasting them through services like Qik and Flixwagon. The ability to insert photos into posts directly from phone-based cameras will also come in handy.

Perhaps the greatest effect of these apps will be to encourage spontaneous coverage, since most bloggers equip themselves with laptops and EVDO cards when attending planned events. In any case, check out the WordPress demo above and prepare yourself for an even greater frequency of spelling errors in the posts we churn out.