That Didn't Take Long…iPhone 2.0 OS Unlocked

It has not even been officially released yet, and the iPhone 2.0 OS already has been unlocked. In contrast, the original iPhone OS took hackers a couple of months to unlock. But this time they got a head start. Gizmodo reports the iPhone Dev Team has been working on jailbreaking the phone since the beta version went out with the iPhone SDK.

But does it really matter? While it’s exciting that the new OS is unlocked and unauthorized apps can be added, it’s not as useful as when the original version was jailbroken. That’s because there’s this little thing called the App Store, along with the new phone’s tighter bundling with an AT&T contract no matter where you purchase it, and because the phone will soon be available in most countries.

But if you enjoy the sheer sport of watching people hack Steve Jobs’ precious creation, keep an eye on the iPhone Dev Team’s site for the release of their tool. It reportedly will be released “soon.”