Ok, iPhone Users, We Are Ready To Roll With 2.0

Overnight Apple released the App Store on iTunes, letting users download apps to their computers. But without the iPhone 2.0 software you couldn’t get them to your iPhone.

Now it looks like you can get that iPhone 2.0 software, too, and get the apps to your phone via an update found by MacRumors. You have to download it manually via this link.

Use caution, however. To install the software after it has downloaded, remove the .zip file extension and hit the option key while asking iTunes to look for iPhone updates. And the software will erase all data on your phone. Apple says they will create a one-time media backup of the data. But I’m still downloading the update and haven’t tried it yet. I’ll update this post when I have.

Update: I’m in process of updating to 2.0 now. So far so good.

Update2: I can confirm this worked perfectly for me. My iPhone is now running v2.0 of the software and the apps I’ve downloaded work. Video is below, and more videos are embedded in the comments below.