Apple App store rolls out a bit early, Apps available now

Just a few hours before the iPhone 3G starts trickling out around the world, the App store has made an appearance. It hasn’t officially launched yet, so it’s still not linked to directly within iTunes – however, with a bit of digging around, you can explore it early. You’ll need the 2.0 software to actually run anything, but it’s still fun to peek around.

To get to it, just search for a launch application within the iTunes store (for example, “Whrrl”), go to its information page (Click the “Whrrl” link up near the top, next to its icon), and then hit the “App store” button up in the nav bar. Ta-da!

A solid number of applications are ready for the pickin’ – AIM, Twitterrific, and a ton of other stuff is already up. Chances are it’ll make an official appearance by tomorrow, alongside the 2.0 software

[Via MacRumors]