Kodak releasing tiny super-easy Zi6 HD camcorder

The field of tiny camcorders is going to blow up. Things like the Flip Mino are going to take over whether we like it or not (we don’t), because they’re so dang convenient. No bells, no whistles, just push-button controls and super-easy connectivity and YouTube uploading.

Well, Kodak is announcing a new tiny camcorder called the Zi6, which sounds more capable than the popular but somewhat underpowered Flip. It shoots 720p at 60fps to an SD card or the internal memory. It can also be plugged right into a compatible HDTV and you can navigate your pictures, videos and so on directly from the device. It comes in black and pink, and costs $180.

Update: We’ll have one to review soon. Can’t wait to get my paws on it and compare it with my old DV cam.