60GB Xbox 360 on the way says leaked e-mail

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Remember this?

We should know for sure by E3, but for now it looks like Microsoft will release a 60GB Xbox 360 sometime this month. An internal e-mail, which I refuse to copy-paste here out of respect for the original source, Xbox Family, supposedly sent from Microsoft to GameStop and Best Buy details the company’s plans.

In addition, Microsoft will release a stand-alone 60GB hard drive for Core and Arcade owners, and people with a 1st gen Pro, like me. Speaking of which, this new 60GB SKU is supposed to replace the current Pro model. The hard drive comes with three months of Xbox Live, a wired headset and an ethernet cable. Fancy.

But yeah, E3 starts next week, and Peter and Devin will be having a blast running around from meeting to meeting, playing mud-colored FPS after mud-colored FPS.

via 1UP

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