EventBee Tries To Take On EventBrite With $1 Flat Service Fee

EventBee, an event management service, has rolled out a new version of its site that introduces a flat $1 fee for all tickets sold. The move may well prove to disrupt this space – most competitors traditionally charge a small percentage of the ticket price rather than a flat fee. While the difference is negligible for small events where tickets are only a few dollars, coordinators of large (and pricey) conferences may flock to the new pricing scheme.

EventBee, which we originally introduced as a “AdSense for Events”, allows users to create customized pages for their events from which they can sell tickets online (the site supports Google Checkout or Paypal). The site also allows users to distribute ads for their events through its Event Network Listing, which consists of blogs that have embedded AdSense-like code.

The site has a number of competitors, such as EventBrite, a similar service that we’ve used a number of times to distribute tickets to our own events. And while EventBee’s new pricing scheme may raise some eyebrows, the site’s relatively small userbase and basic interface probably won’t have EventBrite changing its policies any time soon.