Google Lets You Monitor Access To Your Gmail Account

Gmail has introduced a new privacy feature that will let users see how many computers their account is open on, and also allows them to sign-out remotely. Basic information is displayed as part of the page’s standard footer, and users looking for more detailed information can view a log that displays the most recent IP addresses to access the account, along with the type of access (Mobile, POP, etc.)

The new feature will be especially useful for monitoring email accounts for privacy intrusions, as well as for users who like to use Gmail from public terminals and may forget to manually log-off. Google says that the feature is being rolled out as part of the latest version of Gmail, but it appears that not all accounts are active (I couldn’t access it from my account).

The new Gmail features are the latest in a string of privacy-related announcements to come from the search giant. On Thursday we reported on a judge’s mandate for Google to turn over all YouTube user records as part of the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit, which has been met with widespread outrage. Since then, Google seems intent on demonstrating its concern for privacy, having moved its privacy policy to its homepage (after months of opposing the change) and releasing the enhanced Gmail security.

You can read more details at the Gmail Blog.