Don't Sell Your Vote On Ebay. It's Wrong.

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Max Sanders decided it would be funny if he sold his vote in the upcoming presidential election on Ebay – minimum bid $10. And while I agree that it’s pretty funny, he’s now been charged with one count of bribery, treating and soliciting, a felony under an 1893 Minnesota law that makes it a crime to offer to buy or sell a vote. The law was used extensively in the 1920’s says this article, when people sold their votes for liquor.

A whole slew of Minnesota government officials are apparently looking at this as a meal ticket. Sanders faces a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The eBay listing has been taken down.

I’ll be listing my vote on Ebay, too, in protest of this. This is absurd. Thanks for the tip Matt.

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