This humanoid robot may soon replace fashion models (or maybe not)

The Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology recently presented [JP] a humanoid robot that is programmed to walk like a fashion model. The researchers claim they used materials easily available anywhere for the development of the robot, which comes with a frame made of aluminum.

The Manekin Robotto (fashion model robot) stands just 160cm tall, which might not be enough to let it run on cat walks instead of real models. Weighing a more realistic 30kg, it moves through 16 joints and motorized cylinders built into its body. The robot is able to cross and bend its legs, just as human models are supposed to do. Too bad it’s so ugly.

Generally a PC is needed to control the movements but if you insert an SD card holding pre-saved instructions into the robot’s memory card slot (located in its head), it can also move independently. The Manekin Robotto can also be remote-controlled via a cell phone.

The robot is available from the Japanese institute at an amazingly low price: It’s yours for just $940.