Gallery: Dyson HQ

Today, I’ll be wrapping up everything Dyson from my trip to Malmesbury. You’ll never believe what James considers his favorite gadgets. I know you’re excited to see the prototype I designed. And you’ll be privy to a short video of stress tests that all the products go through. Stick around. In the meantime, enjoy a small gallery of photos I was allowed to take on the premises.




The two photos above are from the EMC (electromagnetic chamber ) which tests the electronic emissions for each Dyson product. Each product sits atop a rotating table and an antennae rises and falls to test frequencies at all levels, so it doesn’t, for example, turn on your TV or vice versa. Both the table and antennae are controlled from another room that has access to the room via the all-plastic camera. Dyson is the first company in the EU to have it’s own testing facility and, in fact, they’re way ahead of the curve. They’re prepared for any future standards that may come up.

The following two images are from the Anechoic chamber which measures noise emissions. Walking into this room from the rest of the hangar was a little creepy. It was eerily quiet. Some of you have griped about your Dyson being loud and whatnot, but this certain ‘noise’ is ok, say Dyson engineers. If these guys weren’t around testing the noise levels you might have a vacuum with a sound frequency that might give you migraines. Each device is optimized for the best possible sound, so you’ll just have to deal with it if your ears are too sensitive. That’s my opinion, not Dyson’s.