Get married in space for $2.3 million

Tokyo-based wedding company First Advantage [JP] accepts reservations from couples wanting to get married in outer space starting today.

The space wedding will take place 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface on “Rocket Plane XP”, a space ship developed by Rocketplane.  Rocketplane, which is based out of Oklahoma City, is an aerospace design and construction company.

For a fee of $2.3 million, the lucky couple can invite two more guests and a priest to Oklahoma, from where the space ship will take off. The price also includes a wedding dress, a party (to take place on earth), accomodation and travel expenses and live broadcasts from outer space.

People interested in the offer should be ready for a four-day training. Flight Advantage said couples will have 60 minutes to conduct the wedding ceremony. The company promises the first wedding in outer space will become reality in 2011 and expects interest especially from Chinese and Arabian customers.