FlyTunes expands to terrestrial radio: Regular radio on your iPhone


FlyTunes continues to expand its entertainment offerings, having announced a deal today with terrestrial radio corp Entercom, one of the biggest “regular” (as opposed to satellite) radio corp in the U.S. Users of the free service will be able to listen to content from all Entercom-owned radio stations, though initially limited to Seattle and San Francisco stations.

FlyTunes lets iPhone users listen to a variety of audio entertainment. It uses the phone’s EDGE and Wi-Fi connections to tap into the service; presumably once the iPhone 3G rolls out it’ll make use of that, too. Mind the battery, though.

And for some random radio trivia, Entercom owns WAAF, where radio duo Opie & Anthony claimed Boston mayor Thomas Menino died in an April Fools prank in 1998. The good mayor still holds a grudge, apparently.

All in all, an important update for the FlyTunes crew. Now let’s see it expand to some of the other radio networks, like CBS Radio and ABC Radio.