Want a cheap iPhone 3G data/voice plan?

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Then move to Hong Kong. Hutchison has worked it out so that those in Hong Kong and Macau can spend as little as $24/month for data/voice. You’ll have to pay $377 for an 8GB iP3G, but it’s still the cheapest compared to those announced across various carriers/countries.

Some comparisons (all expressed in U.S. dollars for the equivalent of a 2-year contract):

* Hutchison in Hong Kong: $955 (500MB voice and data) to $1,532 (2,200 min., unlimited data)
* O2 (TEF) in the U.K.: $1,698 (75 minutes, unlimited data) to $3,588 (3000 min., unlimited data)
* AT&T (T) in the U.S.: $1,879 (450 min., unlimited data) to $3,318 (unlimited voice and data)
* T-Mobile (DT) in Germany: $1,366 (500MB data) to $3,374 (5GB data)
* Rogers (RCI) in Canada: $1,624 (150 min., 400 MB data) to $2,932 (800 min., 2GB data)

via Fortune

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