Rhapsody, Verizon Wireless now have a mobile music subscription service


Can you hear me now?

No, I’m listening to music thanks to Rhapsody.

That horrendous opening can mean only one thing: Verizon Wireless has joined up with Rhapsody to launch a mobile music subscription service, the first of its kind. The name, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, could use some work, but that’s to be expected. (That’s actually a good idea for an article: on terrible product names.) Anyway, the service, which will run you $15 a month, gives you access to a library of five million all-you-can eat songs. (Or, you can keep paying $1.99 per individual download if you’re so inclined, one for your phone and one for the PC, all DRM-free.)

Subscribers will get to use the service on both their cellphone and PC.

Now, you’ll need a Rhapsody-compatible phone to use the service. These include the unreleased LG Chocolate 3, which will be the service’s launch vehicle, and current “it” phone for VZW, the LG Dare.

You can try it out today by visiting VZW’s Web site.