New FBI database, with biometrics a-plenty, really upsets privacy advocates (What else is new?)


Generally, whenever someone calls the United States a “police state,” you can ignore them and go about your business. I’m tempted to do the same here, but here we go anyway.

The FBI, in working with Lockheed Martin, is developing a so-called super database for crime prevention. You’ll find the same thing you’d find in other, My First Crime Prevention Databases, but this one will have all sorts of biometric information that has privacy advocates, also known as busybodies, outraged.

Crime fighters will have things like facial images and iris scans to comb through. These, we’re led to believe, will be used and abused by the Feds to ruin all of our lives and put a stop to our icky republican form of government and democratic way of life.

It’s funny, I used to be one of those “the government is out to get us, man” guys. Now, I take a much more laissez-faire attitude toward all that. Goodbye to all of it, I say.

via Slashdot