Want Some Facebook Stock At A $3 Billion Valuation? We Know Who To Call.

facebooklogo2.gifFacebook may have talked a few investors, including Microsoft, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing and Germany’s Samwer brothers, into investing in the company’s preferred stockat a $15 billion valuation.

But that’s a hard number to justify given Facebook’s revenue projections and comparisons to other big networks, and a lot of people think it’s vastly overvalued at that price. And at least one stockholder is quietly looking to sell some stock at a value significantly lower than that $15 billion.

It’s probably more than one, actually. We’ve been chasing rumors (none confirmed) for months that some vested non-exec employees have been trying to sell common stock, that some early VCs are trying to move preferred stock, and even that founder Mark Zuckerberg explored selling some stock at a $6 billion valuation.

Now, though, we’ve got our hands on a smoking gun of sorts. Bill Dagley, the Managing Director at a firm that manages money for high net worth individuals called Private Wealth Partners in Larkspur, California, has been sending out feelers to venture capitalists and wealthy individuals who may be interested in buying stock from a Facebook shareholder at a value far less than $15 billion.

We’ve been forwarded one email conversation from a source, where Dagley asks if they’d be interested in “buying shares of Facebook from current holder?” Another person who was approached said the asking price was $3-$4 billion. A third source says the total amount of stock being sold is around $30 million.

The seller was never disclosed, but it’s likely a current or ex-Facebook exec who wasn’t required to sign special agreements with investors during the venture rounds. That likely means they can theoretically sell their stock once it’s vested and paid for.

Everyone we’ve talked to has turned down the offer, although it’s my guess that there are buyers at this price. Heck, I’m in for at least one share.

If you’re interested in Facebook at that price, give Dagley a call. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to hear from you.