Diablo III announced, and it looks freakin awesome

OMG OMG OMG. I just woke up and it is like Christmas up in here. I tell you, I am nerding out right now. I’ve been digging through all my old games looking for a Diablo fix lately: Titan Quest was good, Sacred was big, Dungeon Siege II was almost as good as I remember,and Shadowgrounds was scary, but it goes without saying that the king of the hill has always been Diablo II.

Diablo III has been announced, and I’m waiting on the 800MB (!) gameplay trailer, which is being distributed via a dedicated torrent client. Don’t worry guys, I’ll seed (in like 3 days when it’s done — 72KB/s? Come on). In the meantime check out the shots I’ve got here and the shots they’ve got there.