Redhat Report Q1 Revenue Up 33%

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In their recent quarterly earnings reaport, Redhat announced that their revenue was up for the first quarter of the year to $156 Million, which is up 33% on year on year results. Redhat are making strong gains in the middleware sector, with JBoss leading their revenue increase along with associated sales of operating system support.

JBoss is a leading open source web application server that competes head to head with commercial solutions from Oracle/BEA and IBM. RedHat acquired Jboss for $420M back in early 2006, and the company has experienced solid growth since entering the middleware market with the product.

RedHat also recently announced the availability of a beta of the JBoss platform running on Amazon EC2. Amazon and Redhat have always had a strong relationship, with Redhat supplying the company with IT services for a number of years now. The announcement of the beta of JBoss on EC2 co-incided with Redhat’s new cloud computing initiative, which seems set to attempt to promote RedHat products and services in the cloud computing space.

  • Rob Olson

    Awesome. There nothing bad about revenues for an open source company increasing by 1/3. Hopefully this will result in a few more developers for the Linux kernel and RHEL.

    Using some of that money to improve Yum would be a good idea. An even better idea would be to replace the whole package manager entirely with something like apt-get.

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Rob: agree completely – in the same week we heard that MySQL were at $100M revenue, and RedHat is growing like crazy.

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